Saturday, September 09, 2017

Oakland International Airport (KOAK): Officials warn of possible noise disruption during runway reconstruction work

OAKLAND — Residents living near the Oakland International Airport may experience some temporary noise disturbances from passing planes starting Sunday, when crews begin rehabilitating the airport’s main runway, officials said.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced in June it would provide the airport with $37.4 million to reconstruct the runway, which was last repaved in 2001, airport officials said. Work will begin Sept. 10 and is expected to continue until Sept. 25.

During that time, planes will use a temporary, parallel runway on airport property near Earhart Road, said airport spokeswoman Keonnis Taylor. Business jets will use the same runway.

Residents living nearby may experience more noise because the planes will be flying a little closer to the airport’s border with the surrounding community. The temporary runway is necessary to allow the airport to continue offering 24-hour service, airport officials said.

But, Taylor said passengers using the airport aren’t likely experience any changes.

“(Airplanes) will simply taxi on an alternate runway located at North Field for take-off and landing,” she said.

Anyone concerned about the level of noise can call the airport’s noise hotline at (510) 563-6463.

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