Saturday, September 9, 2017

Lightning Strikes Hurricane Hunter Plane with News 5 On Board

BILOXI, Mississippi (WKRG) — News 5’s J.B. Biunno and Cameron Edgeworth traveled with the Hurricane Hunters into Hurricane Irma Saturday morning when a lightning strike hit the plane.

While they were in the air the plane was struck.  Pilots believe it happened sometime shortly after takeoff from Keesler Air Force Base. 

The lightning strike was believed to be minor and hit the front end of the modified C130 aircraft leaving some damage.

The aircraft will be grounded for some time to be fixed for the damage, but it is unknown how long.

On the trip to Irma they received the breaking information that Irma downgraded to a category 3 Hurricane.  

We are told the plane will go to the shop for repairs, but will be back in the air and hunting Hurricane Irma as soon as possible.

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