Sunday, July 30, 2017

United Airline Pilot Spots Drone Near Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR), Essex County, New Jersey

The crew of a United flight spotted a drone Sunday about 2 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration said. 

The drone was reported just before noon.

The crew of United Airlines Flight 135, a Boeing B767-400 coming from Switzerland, reported the drone Sunday morning. 

"Upon descent into Newark, air traffic control alerted the flight deck aboard United flight 135 of a drone in the vicinity of the runway. Our crew monitored the drone and landed the aircraft safely," according to statement from United.

A recording of the discussion with an air traffic control worker shows the cockpit crew reporting the drone:

"See about a quarter mile to the left?"

"That white [inaudable] sitting on top."

"Yes, we do see it." 

 The Federal Aviation Administration said it would investigate.

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