Monday, July 17, 2017

Aeromexico, flight AM-698, Boeing 737-800, XA-ZAM: AeroMexico Flight 698: Incident occurred July 16, 2017 at Mexico City International Airport

MEXICO CITY - A flight from Mexico City has landed safely in Boston hours after an issue during take-off sparked a small fire.

Passengers on-board AeroMexico Flight 698 told Boston 25 News that the flight was preparing to depart Mexico City for Logan Airport when they heard a strange noise.

“All of a sudden we heard this loud ‘bang,’” a passenger, who was only identified as Erica, said. “It was frightening. We were all just wondering what was going on. Then they told us that they thought they had a flat tire. Then all of a sudden we just hear, “Evacuate the plane!’”

Video posted on social media shows passengers evacuating the aircraft via emergency slides while first responders rushed to the aircraft to investigate the situation.

No injuries have been reported to anyone on board the aircraft.

Passengers were placed onto another plane, which has since landed in Boston.

No other information was immediately available.

Boston 25 News has reached out to AreoMexico for a statement about the incident.

BOSTON — Passengers evacuated an AeroMexico Boston-bound flight on Sunday afternoon in Mexico City.

AeroMexico said the pilot of flight 698 aborted takeoff due to "vibration in the landing gear."

"The tire exploded. Actually, you could feel the vibration in the airplane," one traveler said.

Passengers were rushed off the plane and then taken back to the terminal. They boarded another plane several hours later.

No injuries were reported, but the flight's arrival into Boston was delayed by a few hours.

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