Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Incident occurred May 22, 2017 at Sioux Gateway Airport (KSUX), Sioux City, Iowa

Some scary moments for passengers, and crew, aboard a Sioux City-bound plane, late Monday night, at the Sioux Gateway Airport.

American Eagle flight #3322 experienced an unknown mechanical error as the plane was landing. Emergency personnel was already in action.

"The 185th Air Refueling Wing Fire department was already en route to the aircraft, fire department cleared the aircraft to proceed to the gate and got the aircraft up to the terminal and unloaded the passengers," said John Backer, Operations Manager, Sioux Gateway Airport.

Backer says the call from the pilot was necessary but also done as a precaution.  
"There is a protocol as to who is notified first based on what kind of alert it is, they follow what that protocol is as far as who is contacted and what that protocol is," said Mike Collett, Airport Manager, Sioux Gateway Airport

"The flight was en route, they called Minneapolis Center, that was the controlling agent, they called Woodbury County Emergency Dispatch, Dispatch rang out to the fire department for them to get out on the field," continued Backer.

As flight #3322 landed safely, inspections began.

"They went out to the airplane I started my sweep of the runway they landed on just to make sure there was nothing, no oil leakage, I followed protocol making sure the runway was safe for the next arrival," continued Backer.

The aircraft can hold up to 50 passengers, around 46 were on the plane at that time of the on-board emergency.

American Airlines has put the plane out of service until the mechanical issue is found and resolved. Another plane has been put into rotation so that no customers are impacted.

Story and video: http://www.ktiv.com

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