Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Joplin Regional Airport (KJLN) plans jet upgrades

JOPLIN, Mo. -   Starting in mid-February, American Airlines will provide larger dual-class jets for the Joplin to Dallas flights. The new crafts will seat 66 passengers and include a first class section. Then starting in April, new 76-seat jets will start servicing Joplin.

According to airport manager Steve Stockam, the current 46 seat planes are at 80% seating capacity on the majority of flights. There will still be two flights a day out of town.
Stockam says the upgrade in jets will not affect prices.

"It shouldn't bring really any difference in the fares; that really shouldn't have an effect on it.  It's just going to the ability for us to be able to get more seats and more people in and out of here," explained airport manager Steve Stockam.

The airport will need to spend $30,000 on equipment to service the new airplanes.

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