Saturday, January 14, 2017

Beech V35A, N7145N: Pilot forgot to lower the landing gear and performed gear up landing

AIRCRAFT:   1968 Beech V35A, N7145N, serial number D86827                  

ENGINE - M&M, S/N:  Continental IO-520-BA, serial number 241736-12; all cylinders replaced with TCM new on 1/4/2010, approx. 711.0 hours. Gann #4 & #6 cylinders installed 8/13/2013 approx 600 hours; GAMI Injectors


APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated TT & TSMO from logbooks or other information):

ENGINE:   2484.5 SNEW; 1489.7 SMOH

PROPELLER:    N/A     

AIRFRAME:   5855.5 TTAF                   

OTHER EQUIPMENT: GTX 330;Century III with RCA 2600-3 Electrical Digital Horizon; Garmin 496 panel mount; BAS shoulder harness   

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  Pilot forgot to lower the landing gear and performed gear up landing.           

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES: Prop Strike, engine stoppage, flaps damaged, exhaust and cabin step damaged, cowl flaps, antennas and nose gear doors damaged.               

LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:   Muscle Shoals, AL. Northwest AL Regional Airport, in FBO sun hangar.         

REMARKS: Beautiful airplane with nice paint and interior.   

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