Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cessna R182 Skylane RG, N182SX: Hangar roof partially collapsed on plane due to tornado

Greg Stanford owns one of the damaged planes.

LAMAR COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - In Lamar County, people got a better idea of Tuesday night's damage after the sun came up on Wednesday. That was especially evident at the Lamar County Airport. 

The National Weather Service office in Birmingham said an EF0 or EF1 caused damage at the Lamar County Airport and surrounding areas. 

Winds destroyed one hangar and severely damaged another one. One plane's engine was ripped open and the wing was almost taken off of another one.

The winds pulled the hangar from its foundation and blew out the sheet metal walls and the insulation.

Most of the damage appears to be confined the area of Highway 17 and Beaver Creek Road just south of the city limits of Sulligent.

"Everything on the radar showed. They were telling us about the tire center, the building across. They never mentioned the airport but I can tell from where it was on the plot that we probably had damage here," Greg Stanford, who owns one of the damaged planes, said.

"My friend that has the hanger over here had called me, he had already got here and said it was devastated," he added.

Stanford described the damage to his plane.

"The metal hanger is pushed over, just disintegrated. Everything is piled to the side. Most of the plane damage looked like damage from the hangar falling on it. But by the way it crumpled the gear, it's going to be a total loss," Stanford explained.

One of his biggest fear may be realized.

He was concerned before the storm that the airport may close because of a lack of planes kept here.

Now that may be the case due to all the damage from Tuesday's severe weather.

The same storm that wrecked the airport also destroyed a nearby tire shop and leveled a home.

A woman in the house had to be rescued on Tuesday night.

AIRCRAFT:   N182SX; 1985 Cessna R182; S/N R18202025

ENGINE:   Lycoming 0-540-J3C5D; Prop McCauley B3D32C407-C –OH 2008; Approx 161.0 SPOH

APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated from logbooks or other information):

ENGINE: Approx. 1,044.3 SMOH; 2,377.3 TT; AFTT 2,377.3

EQUIPMENT:  (2) Garmin 430W’s; MX20; WSI AV200; JPI EGT-701; WX500; STEC 55X; KI256 FD; GMA340; Wingtip landing lights

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  Hangar roof partially collapsed on plane due to tornado

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES: Prop strike, empennage twisted 45 degrees; both wings spar damage, both elevators, center section & windshield severe.


REMARKS: Was a beautiful airplane. Guardian Stby Vacuum pump; Air oil separator.

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