Saturday, November 26, 2016

Paws for CNY gives Syracuse Hancock International Airport passengers a furry distraction from travel stress

SYRACUSE, N.Y. --- A new pet therapy program at Syracuse's Hancock International Airport is hoping to ease the stress of traveling for the holiday season.

Paws of CNY will have three dogs in the terminals to visit passengers waiting for their flights.

Pet therapy dogs are helping make holiday travel a little less stressful.

"We're heading to San Francisco, we missed a couple of flights it's been really helpful to have her here with us because it's kind of a stressful journey so far." said Sareanda Llourdes.

Starting today pet therapy dogs from Paws of CNY will be patrolling the airport looking for anxious passengers in need of a little TLC.

"Traveling is stressful especially holiday travel so if our pet therapy dogs can make it a little easier for people and their families that's what we want to be able to accomplish." Jessica Marabella from Paws of CNY.

Flyer has been a pet therapy dog for 5 years and to become one she first had to be certified. Dogs pass the big test if they are friendly and if they love people, a test Flyer passes with flying colors.

Hancock Airport is teaming up with Paws of CNY to offer the program called Pets Easing Travelers. Twice a week the specially trained dogs and their handlers will walk through the terminal and visit with passengers awaiting flights.

"I'm really excited to have them here. Just for myself because they're all so cute and friendly and fun. I might bring my own dog out and let him join in the fun." said Airport Commissioner Christina Callahan.

So if you're flying out of hancock airport be prepared you may just get a little unexpected love from man's best friend.

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