Saturday, November 26, 2016

Patrick Curry letter: New assets to the Willmar Municipal Airport

I want to thank the city of Willmar officials and the city council members that voted to have our next FBO, Eric and Paul, at the Willmar Municipal Airport/John L. Rice Field.

Eric and Paul live close to the airport and are raising their families here. Both are very dedicated to aviation with great vision for the future of this airport.

I am chair of our airport commission. These are my words, not that of other commission members.

Aviation today is a tough business to be in, what with high fuel prices plus other expenses that occur. And now to hire good people that have the same dedication to promote what Eric and Paul believe in, again for our airport. I hope that all people that use this airport will find Eric and Paul willing to help them in any way they can to provide a great service for everyone.

I personally want to wish them a very successful future and thank them for their dedication to aviation here at the Willmar Municipal Airport/John L. Rice Field.

Patrick Curry



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