Friday, October 14, 2016

Records: Iowa State University president got plane ride to Des Moines airport

AMES, Iowa —Iowa State University President Steven Leath was flown in a school airplane to the Des Moines airport at least once to catch a commercial flight.

Records show university pilots flew Leath and his wife from Ames to Des Moines on Feb. 17. The 84-mile roundtrip was billed to private donations for $380.

University officials claimed the 18-minute flight for the Leaths didn't cost extra because the plane was already going to Des Moines for maintenance.

However, ISU flight services manager Dave Hurst said the work wasn't performed that day because Elliott Aviation didn't have the equipment or personnel available.

Still, he said the record was incorrect and the trip shouldn't have been billed as a passenger flight even though the Leaths were aboard. They flew commercial to visit a donor.

Iowa State University has compiled a list of 25 commonly asked questions regarding the plane controversy. The list of questions and answers can be found here.


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