Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cessna 182E Skylane, Vermont Agency of Transportation, N3171Y: Gov. Shumlin defends use of old state plane


MONTPELIER, Vt. - Governor Peter Shumlin is defending his use of an old state airplane, especially since he moved to the southern part of the state late this summer.

The governor says flying likely does not cost more than driving between his home in Westminster and saves overtime costs for his state police protection detail. He's used it three times this month, but only four other times in the last two years, even though the governor tells us those tasked with keeping him safe prefer he not ride in a 56-year-old, single-engine aircraft.

"I've had the door pop open on me in flight. It's an old plane, so there are reasons why governors aren't anxious to fly in it, there are reasons why security is not anxious to have governors fly in it, and there are probably reasons why lieutenant governors hope the governor will fly in it," said Shumlin.

The governor says he's ignoring the advice of his security detail because it's the economically prudent decision to fly on occasion from his home in southern Vermont.

The governor did say the state may want to consider a new state plane, not only for the governor's use but for the variety of other state services it performs.

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