Saturday, September 3, 2016

Accident occurred September 03, 2016 in Trenton, Hancock County, Maine

An ultralight plane crash occurred near Trenton in Maine last Saturday left the pilot with multiple injuries, a spokesperson for the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department confirmed.

The County Sheriff’s spokesperson told reporters that 67-year-old Floyd Ober was attempting to make a pass over a grass airstrip close to his home in Trenton at around 9 a.m. when he couldn’t clear a barn.

The pilot received multiple injuries to both of his legs and arms. He was transported by helicopter to Bangor-based Eastern Maine Medical Center. Nothing was disclosed about his condition.

Local newspapers also reported that  a horse that was in the barn at the time of the plane crash also suffered some minor injuries.

Findings of the preliminary investigation into the plane crash, which were conducted by the County Sheriff’s office, will soon be turned over to the Federal Aviation Administration for further analysis.

TRENTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — One man was seriously injured after his small plane crashed in Trenton early Saturday morning.

The pilot, 67-year-old Floyd Ober, was the sole occupant of the plane. Authorities said his ultralight aircraft failed to clear a barn in the back of his property when he was coming in for a landing.

Impact occurred around 9 a.m., and numerous rescue crews were called to the scene.

When Trenton Deputy Fire Chief Steve Heckman arrived, it was clear the victim had suffered severe injuries to his arms and legs.

“When we arrived on scene the county ambulance was already on scene and there was an individual that they were removing from the wreckage and they took him to an area where life flight was able to life flight him out of the area,” Heckman said.

Upon arriving at Eastern Maine Medical Center, Ober underwent emergency surgery. The case was then handed over to the Federal Aviation Administration for further investigation. 

Story and video:

TRENTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating an ultralight plane crash in Trenton that left a pilot badly hurt.

The Hancock County Sheriff's Department went to the scene of the crash at 9:11 a.m. on Saturday at 697 Oak Point Rd. 

Deputies learned that the plane was piloted by 67-year-old Floyd Ober. He was the only person on board. 

Ober was making a pass over a grass airstrip near his home when he struck the end of a barn and crashed.

Police said Ober suffered significant injuries to his arms and legs. He was flown by Lifeflight to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.

A horse inside the barn was also hurt in the crash. Police said it was treated on the scene for minor injuries.

Local investigators said they will turn over their preliminary findings to the FAA for further review.


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