Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sky falling in Buckley? Not quite, but something hit a Buckley homeowner's roof

BUCKLEY, Wash. -- A mysterious object fell from the sky nearly hitting a Buckley woman and she's now trying to figure out what it is. The object hit the roof instead of the homeowner and for that Laurie Pizzi is thankful. No one was hurt and there's minimal roof damage.

"I was right here and it just went thud," said Pizzi. Now she wants to know what is it that fell from the sky. "I am not sure what it is," she said. It's about 5 inches across looking somewhat like a small hubcap.

"I was lucky that it hit there and not here," said Pizzi pointing to her head. "I put it on Facebook and some friends said it was part of a plane and some said no it wasn't. I'm not sure what it is."

She looked up and didn't see any planes or birds or anything else that might explain this unidentified falling object.

"It's not very heavy and for it to have hit that hard and make that loud of a noise it had to come from a distance," she said.

Pizzi's home is on the approach to Sea-Tac Airport and there is a small private airstrip only a quarter mile down the road. A Facebook friend said it probably came from a small plane.

"He said he thought it was an inspection cover off of a plane. A friend of mine said I should call KOMO News," she said.

We took her mystery to Pierce County's Thun Field. Within a few minutes, the parts department at Spencer Aviation confirmed Pizzi's Facebook friend. It appears to be a $3 inspection cover.

They are lightweight metal hatches that allow for easy inspection of wings and fuselages. They tell us the inspection covers are not part of the structural integrity of planes.

Pizzi is just glad it didn't do anything to 'her' structural integrity.

"As hard as it hit that roof it probably would have went in. But it didn't happen," she said.

Now that we have a good idea 'what' it is the question now is: whose it is? Pizzi hasn't called the FAA, yet. Right now, she just hopes pilots are going to be checking their planes.

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