Friday, April 01, 2016

Coast Guard to increase helicopter flights as part of training

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY – The aircrews of Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City are scheduled to increase helicopter flights beginning Wednesday, April 6 and continuing through May 6 to conduct annual Rotary Wing Air Intercept pilot training, according to a press release.

While aircrews make every effort to diversify active training locations, there will be increased helicopter activity over the inland waterways between Barnegat and Tuckerton, in addition to Ocean City and Stone Harbor. The use of these areas has been negotiated with the Federal Aviation Administration and were selected with an emphasis on minimizing noise impact to the community, while staying clear of commercial and general aviation traffic.

This training is the first step in the qualification process for newly assigned pilots. Following certification, pilots are responsible for national airspace security missions over the nation’s capital and other critical areas throughout the country. One prominent mission is the interception of potentially hostile aircraft entering into restricted airspace.

To qualify for these missions, each pilot must complete a syllabus, including classes, in-flight training, as well as written and oral examinations. Once qualified, pilots are required to complete periodic training flights to maintain proficiency.

Efficiently completing the introductory training requires instructors and crews from Air Station Atlantic City and the National Capital Region Air Defense Facility to fly at least two flights approximately once per day for six weeks.

Air Station Atlantic City will continue to maintain two search-and-rescue response crews, which will be flying various operational and training missions.

Anyone with questions or concerns may contact Lt. Darin Coleman, Air Station Atlantic City public affairs officer, at 609-677-2096. During non-business hours, please contact the operations center at 609-677-2222.

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