Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Increase in people pointing lasers at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma aircraft

YUMA, Ariz. – Officials at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma said over the past few months, incidents involving lasers aimed at low-flying aircraft, to include the station’s search and rescue helicopter, have significantly increased.

MCAS Yuma said the high-powered, focused energy from a laser can quickly injure or permanently damage a pilot’s eyes. Even a low-power laser can injure, disorient or temporarily blind a pilot. Pilots in low-flying aircraft are especially susceptible to these dangers.

With the high number of aircraft flying around MCAS Yuma, the mishap potential is increased if a pilot’s eyesight is affected by a laser. Whether people are using lasers for fun or maliciously, it is a federal crime to direct them at aircraft and users may be prosecuted due to the impact on pilots’ eyesight, safety of flight operations, and danger to human life.

Every time an incident occurs, it is taken very seriously and the information is reported to the Federal Aviation Administration, local authorities, and Homeland Security offices around the country.

Anyone with information about individuals targeting aircraft is encouraged to notify local law enforcement, or provide details to the appropriate agencies below:

MCAS Yuma: (928) 269-2204/2205
City of Yuma: (928) 78-CRIME (782-7463)
Yuma County: (928) 783-4427

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