Saturday, December 19, 2015

What’s Working: Pilots for Christ Easing Travel Burden for Sick Patients

A local nonprofit organization called pilots for Christ is helping cancer patients who need treatment out-of-state. They provide free flights to places like MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. 

News 5 was there as two patients and their families returned from treatment. Officer Blake Bauer with the Fairhope Police Department is suffering from Bone Cancer. He, along with his brother and wife, went to MD Anderson for treatment. Pilots for Christ saved him and his family the 14-hour drive to Houston. He didn’t feel up to talking on-camera, but his brother was very appreciative. “Otherwise, we would not have had access to Houston, and with as rare as Blake’s cancer is, that is where we needed to be,” Nelson Bauer said.

Patient Elizabeth Ketchum was also on board the flight. Ketchum is suffering from Stage 4 Bile Duct Cancer. In her condition, she is so thankful Pilots For Christ took away the burden of travel, and made the trip easier. “If you have the rarest of cancers, or the most common, you can get help. You aren’t helpless or hopeless. Someone will pray with you and get you where you need to go.”

All the flights are free to patients and their families. Money for the flights is raised through private donations. Even the pilots are volunteers. Public Relations Director, Rosalyn Sales, says, “It is truly by God’s provision and stepping out on faith that we make these flights.”

If you would like more information about Pilots for Christ, click here.

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