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Piper PA-34-200T Seneca I, N32812: Belize City Municipal Airport (TZA)

Mysterious Plane Landed At Belize Municipal Airstrip

The Belize Airports Authority along with other security officials from the GSU, Police and the BDF are jointly investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding a twin engine aircraft that made an unauthorized landing at the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City at dawn this morning. 

Reports are the aircraft is an American type Piper Seneca PA23 light aircraft with registration number N32812. 

The aircraft is registered under James A Stalling from Irvine California. 

Aviation records reveal that the aircraft last flight was tracked from Fullerton, California to San Jose, California on September 30, 2015. 

At the time of landing, the Municipal Airport was closed to air traffic and the authorities claim that the landing was unauthorized by Belize’s civil air traffic authorities. 

Authorities are claiming that when they arrived on the scene, the pilot was nowhere to be found and the plane was empty. 

We understand the aircraft will remain heavily guarded by law enforcement officials while they continue their investigation.

Pilot and passengers disappear

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Oct. 27, 2015–A United States-registered Piper PA34 Seneca twin-engine plane that had filed a flight plan to land in Belize two days ago arrived this morning, but instead of landing at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA), it mysteriously landed at the Belize City Municipal Airstrip around 5:30 a.m., half an hour before the airstrip opened, and the plane was abandoned by the time authorities arrived to investigate.

When Kremandala reporters went to the airstrip around midday, the blue and white aircraft with the number N32812 emblazoned on its fuselage was under police guard and police crime scene technicians were busy processing the exterior of the plane, before a police K9 unit arrived.

The commander of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), Superintendent Mark Flowers, told us that the aircraft was being treated as a crime scene because the plane had landed without the required clearance from Belizean officials. Flowers also confirmed that when they arrived at the airstrip, no one connected to the plane was in sight.

Flowers told us, “We have made checks and verified that there was no flight plan for this aircraft to land here.”

Flowers said that the plane had flight clearance for Sunday, “when certain people was to come”. He further stated, “We are trying to determine right now who the occupants are. We know that the flight originated outside of Belize and the fact that it landed here is cause for concern.”

Flowers went on to say, “We are taking the necessary steps right now to process the scene; because these evidences are very transient sometimes… It may be there for a little while and when we realize that we need it, it’s gone.”

Asked if any cargo was found on the plane, Flowers replied, “I don’t know if any cargo is on the plane. We are processing the outside right now.”

Flowers said the N3218 is an American aircraft and that when its operators had filed its flight plan and gotten permission to land in Belize on Sunday, it was in Managua, Nicaragua.

It has been reported elsewhere in the media that the plane was not outfitted with extra fuel tanks that would have enabled a long-distance flight.

Flowers also explained that in a situation such as this, his GSU are only securing the crime scene and that it is the police’s Anti-Drug Unit who will conduct the investigation into the apparent illegal landing of the plane, and will attempt to establish what its cargo was.

Flowers also mentioned that apparently there was some medical emergency with someone on the plane, based on what police had initially observed on board (bedding etc.)

Flowers confirmed that the plane would eventually be taken to the PGIA.

In early August, a grey BELL-407 helicopter was found abandoned in the Blue Creek area of the Orange Walk District. Government later confiscated the one-million-dollar helicopter and turned it over to the Air Wing of the Belize Defense Force, where it will be used along with a refurbished helicopter that was sourced from Taiwan.

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Clandestine plane lands at Belize City Municipal Airport


Mystery Plane: I’ll Fly Away

Today, the Piper PA-34 Seneca plane that made a suspicious mystery landing at the municipal airstrip yesterday – was flown away by a Belize Defense Force pilot, escorted by a Belize Defense Force Defender.

From around 9:30 this morning Belize Defense Force Airwing personnel were checking the plane out, confirming its airworthiness.

 Then at 10:15 – they struck up the engines, while the Belize Defense Force Defender stood by to act as an escort.

They flew out of there at around 10:30 am, the Belize Defense Force plane taking off first and circling while the Piper PA-34 Seneca took off two minutes later without a hitch.

With that, it was airborne and off to the Belize Defense Force airwing in Ladyville, where the very suspicious aircraft remains under guard.

As we reported last night, the plane landed at the Municipal at about 5:40 am on Tuesday morning.

The airstrip was closed, but there’s no security, so the pilot simply parked the plane in front of the hangar, and skipped out into a waiting vehicle.

 Best reports tell police he was unaccompanied and only carried a knapsack.

Police do not know what was on the plane – but after a search by the canine unit, they are certain it was not drugs. Also, the plane was not equipped for long flights typical of drug planes. So what was the cargo?

Well, whatever it was it had to be more valuable than the aircraft – which was abandoned – so it was either money, or someone who had to disappear immediately.

Still, tonight there are more questions than answers and we are told that the owner of the registered plane is in the United States – so police don’t know who was flying his plane. 

Interestingly, the plane had been booked to land in Belize from Aruba on Sunday October 25th.

But it would have had to land at the Philip Goldson International Airport – not the municipal.

It’s illegal to land in Belize without first having lodged a flight plan, and all flights must first land at the PGIA to face Customs and Immigration.

We do know that police are following some leads based on information that some unusual characters were seen in the usually deserted area at the time the plane landed.

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The Belize Defense Force is in possession of small plane which made an unauthorized landing at the Belize City Municipal Airport on Tuesday, at around 5:30 a.m. 

The police department is investigating why the pilot landed the aircraft and abandoned it before the airstrip opened, and without the proper permission. 

The plane, a United States registered, Piper PA-34 Seneca, had flown out of Belize on Thursday, October 22nd, on its way to Aruba. 

The pilot filed a flight plan with an itinerary which said that it would return on Sunday. It did not, and somehow showed up in Belize on Tuesday morning. 

To the average reader, that might not sound suspicious, but the Civil Aviation Department has very strict rules - which are laws - about unauthorized landings. 

Flight plans are considered sacred in the aviation field, and the fact that none was forthcoming for this landing meant that the pilot committed a criminal offense. 

Additionally, since it was re-entering Belizean airspace, this plane ought to have landed at the Philip Goldson International Airport as per regulations, so that the occupants could clear Customs and Immigration. 

So because of the unusual, suspicious and criminal nature of this Tuesday morning landing, authorities are considering if this plane was used in connection to any illicit cargo or illicit business. 

That type of plane usually lands on makeshift airstrips in remote areas of the country to hide the illegality being done. 

Also, the plane was not retro-fitted to take on extended flights, which is what drug planes usually have as part of their infrastructure.

So, that brings up another angle that the investigators will have to follow up, was there an illegal passenger onboard or some speculate that it may have been a money plane.

Police will have to find all that out, but in the meantime, the Belize Defense Force is keeping a very watchful guard over it.

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PUP Money plane lands?

On Monday word got out that the PUP received 15,000 BLUE & WHITE T-SHIRTS as a donation courtesy of some of their Cartel friends. 

We thought that was a joke, but then we remembered that the PUP was broke and that would not be outside the way they operate.

From as far back as when PUP lost the elections in ‘08 they have been strapped for cash. 

See their major source of funding the Lord stopped giving them money.

So it came as no surprise that COUSIN RALPH started to make the collection rounds, but the pickings were small.

Back to those T- Shirts. Word on the street is that after the rebuffs of those would be donors, their next target was their Cartel friends who it appears complied and have made an investment in the PUP. For them it is like playing the Futures Market, spend now, collect later. 

Please remind me whose money, the MONEY-MULE CAL was intercepted with in Panama? 

What type of residue did the authorities report they found on the cash?

And by the way which PUP Honcho’s wife or sweetheart was stopped with a suitcase full of money in Miami? 

By the way I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but somebody’s son who did not work a day in his life left MILLIONS for his Father in his Will.

Remember the talk of Millions that was in a locked safe?

On Tuesday morning the word started spread like wild fire that an unauthorized plane had landed at the Belize City Municipal Airstrip about 5:30 am. 

Speculations started to fly that the blue & white plane had brought in money for the PUP election day effort.

 Word is, that the money comes from the same place the T-Shirts came from. 

There is also the talk that some of the LOOT is destined for a certain Banana Farmer who may have been the one who brokered the deal.

Remember the source of the BTL Parallel Market?

 The same last name came up. We need to watch what type of money the PUP starts to spend over the next few days. 

That may be very telling.

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