Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Race 23 "Dirty Girl": Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair, N223B, incident occurred September 28, 2015 at Bamberg County Airport (99N), South Carolina


Bamberg County employees received a phone call Monday concerning a pilot coming in “too fast” for landing at the Bamberg County Airport, according to a county press release.

The pilot stated after the “front wheel sat down on the ground, it snapped off, causing the prop to hit the runway,” a Bamberg County incident report said.

The pilot was able to keep the plane on two wheels for approximately 900 feet before the plane sat down on the nose.

The plane slid for approximately 100 feet before coming to a complete stop.

No injuries were reported and no damage was caused to any Bamberg County property.

Bamberg County employees helped the pilot move the plane from the runway and collected the front landing gear and the tire as to not interfere with future landings.

Source:  http://thetandd.com


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