Sunday, September 13, 2015

Air India crew get 3 months to get fit

For women crew a BMI of 22-27 is overweight and 27 and above obese. 

Based on periodic medical reports, the cabin crew would have to be categorized by designated doctors as “fit”, “temporarily unfit” and “permanently unfit,” according to the guidelines.

As per the norms, a cabin crew member found overweight is deemed “temporarily unfit” and given three months to reduce weight.

A cabin crew can continue with flying duty for up to 19 months with the temporarily unfit tag, but if he or she fails to reduce weight to meet the required BMI during this period, he or she will be deemed “permanently unfit.”

“These employees have already availed 18 months’ time to meet the required BMI but failed to do so, leaving us with no choice but to replace them,” sources said.


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