Saturday, May 23, 2015

Deputies locate pilot whose plane cut power lines; sheriff says Jeff Driscoll was not pilot and plane was not crop duster

Bingham County, Idaho 

The Bingham County Sheriff's Office has located the pilot whose plane severed power lines Friday morning in the Aberdeen-Springfield area, causing more than 1,000 Idaho Power customers to lose power in southwestern Bingham County.

The plane did not crash but continued flying and left the area after slicing through the power lines, authorities said.

The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office said the pilot of the plane was not Jeff Driscoll.

The Sheriff's Office said Saturday that its reports to the media Friday that the plane involved was a crop duster were incorrect.

Driscoll said he is the only individual who flies a crop duster in southwestern Bingham County and he was not piloting the aircraft that cut the power lines in the Aberdeen-Springfield area. He also said the plane that did the damage was not a crop duster.

Bingham County deputies located the pilot Friday afternoon whose plane severed the power lines. 

Sheriff Craig Rowland said the pilot has not been charged or taken into custody but his name has been forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration. 

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the incident and determine if the pilot should face any penalties for his actions.

Rowland said the name of the pilot is not being released pending the FAA's judgment on the incident.

Reports indicate that power was restored to everyone in southwestern Bingham County by early Friday evening.


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