Saturday, April 04, 2015

Neptune Aviation talks about prepping for fire season | Great Falls, Montana

MISSOULA -- The snow is melting as we move deeper into spring, which means fire season isn't far away.

Neptune Aviation is one company that plays a big role in battling wildfires and they say they're gearing up for what's expected to be a busy fire season. 

The Missoula business creates air tankers for the US Forest Service. They also maintain special planes designed to fight fires known as the BAE 146 air tanker.

Congressman Ryan Zinke visited Neptune Friday to talk with experts about how they're preparing for the season.  He said "I've flown a lot of planes in my military career. These are great. They are also specialized planes, for fighting forest fires. They're a lot more efficient, because they're specialized and it's the right tool for the right job." 

Neptune Aviations Chief Operating Officer Dan Snyder says, “Our mission is pretty amazing. It gives us the amount of energy we need to go through the summer. It's long, hard days, hot days, a long time away from home."

Neptune Aviation was founded in 1993. They hope to secure a new 10-year deal with the Forest Service for next generation aricraft.

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