Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cessna T337G Super Skymaster, N7CY: Incident occurred April 11, 2015 at Brookneal/Campbell County Airport (0V4), Brookneal, Virginia


The pilot of a Cessna airplane was transported to Lynchburg General Hospital for minor injuries after an emergency landing in southern Campbell County Saturday afternoon, officials said.

Virginia State Trooper T.W. Fridley responded to the incident just before 2:30 p.m. at the Brookneal/Campbell County Airport. 

The airplane was flying from Florida to New York when its passenger-side door became ajar, according to a news release.

The pilot was unable to close it while in flight and had to attempt a landing at the airport.

The news release said brisk winds forced a rough landing; the right tire broke off and caused the aircraft to land in the grass about five feet off the runway.

Ray O. Kenyon, 71, of Sherburne, New York, who piloted the aircraft, was taken to the hospital, the release said. His wife and dog also were on board but had no injuries.

The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board have been notified of the incident.

CAMPBELL CO., Va. -   The pilot, Ray O. Kenyon, 71, of Sherburne, New York, was able to walk away with only a busted lip after crashing his small plane near the Brookneal-Campbell County Airport Saturday afternoon.

Investigators say the door of the plane came open at 9,000 feet, causing the pilot to make an emergency landing. He was taken to the hospital with a busted lip.

The pilot’s wife and dog were in the plane at the time of the incident. They did not sustain any injuries.

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  1. It really wasnt that windy that day and he came in on the tailwind runway. He also didnt attempt to put his gear down until he was mid flare so and by the time he touched down not all of the gears had locked. Another interesting thing that not many people who werent on the ground at the airport 10 ft from the accident as it happened was that he went full throttle with the aft engine after coming to a complete stop. Somehow a briefcase that had some money in it went through the prop. We later went out and searched for the pieces to see if we could find an entire bill but only could find shreds. Some things you just cant make up..