Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Great Lakes Airlines contract extended: North Platte Regional Airport - Lee Bird Field (KLBF), Nebraska

Scheduled flights in and out of Lee Bird Field will stay with Great Lakes Airlines until Oct. 31, 2016, with the hope that the schedule can be kept by the company that previously had inconsistent flights over the past year due to pilot shortages.

The company has promised improvements on services.

“They have told me we will start getting a morning and evening flight,” said airport manager Mike Sharkey.

The new flights will be added on April 1, Sharkey said. Although the evening and noon flights will likely continue to be on nine-seater crafts, Sharkey said a 30-seat Embraer Brasilia twin-prop will service the morning flights.

Sharkey said construction at the airport will “probably be finished by the end of March.”

The new X-ray machine has been installed inside the carry-on and passenger screening room. Both the screening room and the new 50-seat sterile waiting room for passengers who have gone through screening have turned out very nicely, Sharkey said.

He said he hopes Great Lakes Airlines can solve their pilot issues and begin providing better service to regional airports.


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