Saturday, February 21, 2015

Marijuana To Placencia By Plane

On last night's newscast, we told you how accurate police intelligence led Placencia Police to intercept a cargo of marijuana which was mailed from Corozal to the peninsula, via Tropic Air's cargo service. Well, Placencia police have kept the pressure up, and this morning, they seized almost 1.5 kilos of marijuana during an anti-drug operation.

Between 5:30 and 9:00 this morning, a team of officers from Special Branch, the K-9 Unit and uniformed police went out on an operation in both Seine Bight and Placencia Villages. 3 houses were searched in Placencia, which resulted in 1 person being arrested for possession of controlled drugs.

The discovery of the large stash of marijuana happened shortly after when 2 empty lots were searched in Placencia Village. In one of the lots, the officers found 1 white t-shirt, and wrapped inside it were 5 plastic bags each containing cannabis. The bags had a total of 1.156 kilograms - or 2 and a half pounds.

Another abandoned lot was searched near the football field, and the officers found a black handbag which contained 2 black plastic bags, each containing hi-grade weed known on the street as "hydro". It was weighed, and the officers discovered that the two parcels amounted to 231 grams - or just over half a pound.

The drugs were deposited as found property. Recently Placencia police have become very active in their anti-drug operations, and to date, the officers have seized different types of drugs including, cocaine, methamphetamines - better known as crystal meth - and marijuana. The intelligence suggests that because of the abundance of tourists visiting the peninsula, it has attracted drug traffickers and peddlers, whose numbers - police say - continue to grow.

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