Monday, January 19, 2015

Malfunctioning equipment causes canceled flights: Delta County Airport (KESC), Escanaba, Michigan

ESCANABA -- The Delta County Airport is not closed, but all commercial inbound and outbound flights have been cancelled.

That's because a crucial piece of FAA equipment malfunctioned over the weekend. The Airport Weather Observation System is necessary for pilots to fly safely.

The weekend and holiday have caused a delay in repairs. FAA maintenance crews arrive on Tuesday. At this point, there are a lot unknowns, including the equipment's issue, and the flight schedule.

"Because they don't even know what's wrong with it, they'll have to get here tomorrow morning and hopefully it's a quick fix, it's a glitch, it's a small part, who knows," said Kelly Smith, airport manager. "We're keeping our fingers crossed it's a fast fix tomorrow morning."

If it's a quick fix, the planes could be taking off by mid afternoon Tuesday.

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