Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Businessman convicted of large-scale tax evasion

Zlin, South Moravia, Jan 5 (CTK) - The regional court in Zlin yesterday imposed a nine-year prison sentence on Czech businessman Roman Vaskuj for tax evasion in the deals with aviation fuel causing the damage of over 157 million crowns.

The court also convicted his accomplices, fuel dealer Radomir Vybiral, businessman Stanislav Nedbalek and clerk Dusan Gajdosik.

Nedbalek was sent to seven years in prison, while the court did not mete out the sentences for Gajdosik and Vybiral.

Last April, Vybiral was imposed a prison sentence of 13 years over machinations with VAT in fuel deals. Gajdosik was sentenced to 9.5 years in the same case.

The prosecution in Zlin related to the deals conducted by the company Discovery Travel (DT) between May and December 2004.

Vaskuj was DT's general director and Nedbalek chairman of its board.

State attorney Michal Galat said the defendants had bought aviation fuel, pretending that it would be used for aircraft, thanks to which it was freed from the consumption tax on mineral oils.

However, the firm used a large part of the fuel differently, Galat said.

Out of the over 18 million litres, only 2.6 million were used in air traffic, he added.

The rest was mixed with petrol, sold to petrol stations and used for road traffic, the indictment said.

Vaskuj negotiated the purchase of the fuel. He falsely informed the suppliers about the deliveries without the need of paying the consumption tax, Galat said.

Vybiral ensured the financing of the purchases and distributed the fuel to the petrol stations, he added.

In 2009, Vaskuj was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for tax evasion in some different cases.

Vybiral was denoted as head of a large fuel empire. Years ago, he faced tax evasion charges causing the damage of 160 million crowns, but he was only convicted last year.

The sum seems to be just a fraction of the total damage that may have reached six billion crowns.

($1 = 23.001 crowns)

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