Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ex-Ryanair pilot loses case against dismissal

A former Ryanair pilot who claimed that chief executive, Michael O'Leary became a little bit aggressive and refused to release pay and conditions at the airline, has lost his unfair dismissal case against the airline.

Patrick Burns, originally from Co Louth, went all the way to the airline's chief executive to appeal a decision to move him from his base in Marseille in the south of France to the remote airport of Kaunas in Lithuania - some 1,800km away.

Mr. Burns (40) claimed he was unfairly dismissed from his €124,000-a-year job and was assigned the post in Kaunas as punishment for failing to fill out a transfer request form when Ryanair closed its Marseille base following a row with the French government over tax in October 2010. However, in a majority decision, the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) ruled that Mr Burns was not unfairly dismissed.

The EAT found that Mr. Burns had ample opportunity to apply for a base of his choosing in the event that the Marseille base would close, which it eventually did, and he did not do so.

The EAT also found that the majority of Mr. Burns's colleagues "engaged in the process and had no difficulty getting the case that they wanted".

Ryanair pointed out to the hearing that Mr. Burns' contract allowed for him to be transferred to any of the company's European bases without compensation.


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