Friday, December 12, 2014

Clarke County, Mississippi: Search for Possible Missing Plane Called Off

Emergency officials have called off the search for a plane believed to be missing in Clarke County.

Clarke Co., Miss. Thursday, a search began for a possible downed plane in Clarke County. Now emergency officials believe that aircraft never actually went down. 

Reports of a low-flying and sputtering plane came through 911 last night from northern Clarke County in the Snell community.

Mississippi Highway Patrol helicopters were searching for this aircraft Thursday night, and Friday military aircraft were even on the hunt. But those searches haven't turned up anything. 

Clarke County Emergency Management Director Eddie Ivy says they've now spoken with other people in the area who think they might have heard the plane sputtering, and one person says he heard the plane's engine rev back up and take off. 

The search is suspended and emergency officials say right now they do not believe there is an aircraft down.

Ivy says if they hear any other information about the plane that leads them to believe it's still out there, they will resume the search.


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