Thursday, December 04, 2014

Airline bans blogger for ‘Mean Girls’ quotes

A word to the wise ...  be careful what you tweet.

Following a painful encounter with a JetBlue customer service rep over the thanksgiving holiday, YouTube blogger Matthew Lush unleashed a series of tweets quoting “Mean Girls” to his 155,000 followers.

Upon discovering that he was charged and booked for a flight without receiving a confirmation of the booking, the Southern California-based vlogger attempted to fix the issue with a little help from an airline employee he dubbed “Regina87346.” Unsatisfied with her assistance, however, Lush channeled his inner Regina George and hit back at JetBlue with a series of sassy tweets.

JetBlue got wind of Lush’s social media smack and not only escorted the vlogger from its terminal, but permanently banned him from the airline.

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