Sunday, November 02, 2014

Watch: Flight cancelled due to smog, woman completely loses it in the cockpit

We have all experienced our fair share of irritations and inconveniences whenever a smoggy day comes rolling around, but this woman's reaction when she was told that her current flight would be cancelled and that she would be transferred to another plane completely takes the cake. After kicking up a big fuss and completely losing it by intruding into the cockpit, she was detained for ten days alongside another passenger, China News reported.

Shenzhen Airlines ZH981, bound for Harbin, was forced to remain at Taoxian airport in Shenyang for one night because of the adverse weather conditions in Harbin. The weather failed the improve the next day and all passengers were asked to transfer to another plane.

After much persuasion and explanation from flight crew, all passengers began to get off the airplane after 20 minutes. But the two women who were so furious that they stormed to the cockpit twice and had a row with the assistant pilot .

A worker from Taoxian airport told reporters that passengers are not allowed to enter the cockpit as they may affect the pilot. The two women were detained in jail for ten days, and told the press that they regretted what they had done.

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