Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Private jet needed to fly turtle washed up in Co Clare to Canary Islands

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group is hoping to find an owner of a  private jet that is willing to transport a loggerhead turtle from Ireland to the Canary Islands.

The turtle was washed ashore during last winter's storms on the west coast of Clare.

She had suffered severe injuries but has been recovering at the Galway Atlantaquaria, where she has increased in weight from 11kg to over 20kg.

The IWDG says the turtle is now ready to be released but it hasn't been able to find a commercial airline to transport her.

It is hoping a private jet might be the answer.

"We have all the import and export licenses in place," said Simon Berrow from the IWDG.

He said: "But time is ticking on us and the experience has gone from a very positive one with the knowledge that this turtle has been saved into a more negative one as we struggle to release her into the wild for a second chance."

- Source:  http://www.rte.ie