Sunday, November 09, 2014

Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (KEAU) sees interest in vacant restaurant space

The chairs at Farm on Starr have been off the floor for a week now. The year and a half old establishment closed at the end of October.

The Chippewa Valley Regional Airport has already had some interest in its now vacant restaurant space.

Airport Manager Charity Speich told the Herald Friday that she has already showed the facility to multiple interested parties. But it’s hard to tell how serious any of the parties are, she added.

Last week, Farm on Starr abruptly closed its doors to the surprise of airport officials. Speich said that the owners of the establishment had contacted her in mid-September explaining that they wanted to find a replacement for their business. But the sudden closing hadn’t been discussed.

“We didn’t know they were going to close on that date,” Speich said.

Finding a replacement is important for the airport because it’s an expected service, Speich said. “It’s more of an inconvenience than anything,” she said. Travelers passing through airports expect to find a place to eat.

Speich said that an advantage in finding a replacement company is that the facility was recently renovated.

“It’s an option where (a business) could walk in and start operating,” she said.

Farm on Starr opened in April of 2013 with a $3,000-a-month minimum lease. Before that, Connell’s II operated there for many years.

Thursday night the Airport board met in closed session to discuss options regarding the closure and finding a replacement, but Speich said that no action was taken.

In the mean time, Speich said that anybody with reservations for a meeting room should call 715-839-6241.

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