Sunday, November 09, 2014

'Jets rebuilding' plane flies over MetLife Stadium before Steelers game

EAST RUTHERFORD — It's tough to see in the photo below, which was taken from the MetLife Stadium press box about an hour and a half before Steelers-Jets on Sunday, but that's an airplane flying overhead with a banner that reads "Jets rebuilding since 1969." Come on. That's not even clever!

Airplane banners as a form of protest became A Thing this week, when a Jets fan arranged to fly a plane over practice on Wednesday that read "Fire John Idzik." Idzik is the Jets' general manager, and he's drawn the ire of Jets fans because of the team's 1-8 start. The Jets, as a gag, had a staffer fly a toy helicopter with a "Go Jets" banner above practice the following day. Which at least is kind of funny.

But rebuilding since 1969? Sure, the Jets haven't won a Super Bowl since '69, but they've certainly had some formidable teams since then, including a group that reached back-to-back AFC championship games as recently as four years ago. But the people are angry. No one said their protests had to make any sense.

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