Monday, September 15, 2014

Passengers try to smuggle arms, drugs on to a plane at Ben Gurion Airport: Israeli man and Uzbek citizen held by police after gun magazine and drugs found in hand-stowed luggage


Two passengers were detained at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Monday after security staff uncovered an attempt to smuggle ammunition and drugs onto an Uzbekistan Airways flight to Tashkent.

Officials are investigating whether the passengers intended to hijack the plane.

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Security was high at Ben-Gurion International Airport after officials detected a magazine full of bullets inside a doll in a carry-on bag of a passenger heading to Uzbekistan. 

At 11:30 hat appeared to be bullets were detected on the screen of a baggage security inspector. The bullets were hidden inside a doll inside a carry-on belonging to a 36-year-old man from the center of the country.

At the moment it was realized that the passenger tried to conceal the bullets in the doll he fled from security, but was apprehended a few minutes later. The passenger was scheduled to board an Air Uzbekistan flight that was to depart Ben-Gurion at 2:00PM on Monday 20 Elul.

When questioned, he explained he was given the carry-on by a female passenger that he is not familiar with. He told security officials she asked him to take the bag because she simply had too much luggage.

The flight was held and the airport shifted to high alert status. The luggage of the man and the woman he claimed handed him the bag were removed from the flight. The woman pointed out by the passenger is an Uzbekistan citizen. She was also concealing drugs.

Police were called in and the plane was subjected to another security inspection prior to being permitted to take off. The suspects were taken into police custody.

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