Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Officials increase security at Miami International Airport (KMIA) after loaded shotgun found

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MIAMI (WSVN) -- Officials have stepped up security throughout Miami International Airport after an airport employee found a loaded shotgun with two boxes of ammunition in one of the airport bathrooms Monday afternoon.

The gun was found at around 3:45 p.m. in the garbage can of a bathroom that was outside of the terminal, near the airport entrance. Two boxes of ammunition were also found near the gun. "Somebody put it inside the garbage," said Rodolphe Guerrier, the HMS Host airport employee who found the shotgun.

"It's scary because this is the airport, and for security reasons," said Harry Museleire, another HMS Host airport employee.

Miami-Dade Police and the FBI are currently attempting to track down the person who brought the gun through airport doors. Authorities are treating the incident as a security threat.

Passengers are also very concerned about the discovery. "There's no guards at the front. They only say a thing when, for airport travelers, the moment something happens, they react to it very quickly," one passenger said.

"A loaded shotgun anywhere to me is very concerning and, in an airport, absolutely," said another passenger.

"It does concern me, but I trust security, and I know they are doing a pretty good job," said another passenger.

Miami-Dade Police cannot release information on the gun at this moment, as it is an incident currently being investigated by the federal government. The gun never passed through a TSA checkpoint, therefore TSA is not involved and not releasing information at this time.

- Source:   http://www.wsvn.com

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