Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hidden camera found in Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) women's locker room

Concerns about privacy are being raised after a hidden camera was found at Honolulu International Airport. 

 The Department of Public Safety says it is investigating a hidden camera found in a women’s locker room at the airport.

The department said they could not confirm which airline is involved.

KHON2 checked with Hawaiian Airlines who say they understand there is an open investigation into this incident.

KHON2 wanted to know if there was a way to detect these cameras.

“They’re getting smaller, They’re getting less expensive,” said Matt Lau.

They’re even becoming more discreet. Lau works for Cam Security, a company that sells all types of cameras for security purposes.

“They’re primarily for protection that’s the bottom line to protect your property,” said Lau.

While most cameras do remain visible and are used for the security of businesses and homes. These days you can find cameras with a lens as small as a pin hole and even ones that fit in watches.

These little cameras can cause some to worry, but KHON2 News spoke with Lau about a few ways to detect these cameras if you do feel they are being used for the wrong reasons.

“If it’s a wireless camera then you would need an RF signal or radio frequency detector,” said Lau.

But what if it isn’t sending off an RF signal?

Well, that can be a little tricky, but there is still a way.

“You can take a tube and look through it while flashing a light around the room,” said Lau. “Most cameras have a lens, even if they are small, so the light from the flash light should reflect no matter how small it is.”

Finally if the camera has night vision simply turn out the lights in the room and point the camera on your smart phone at the hidden camera. The infrared light from the camera should show up on your smart phone camera.

“The quality is getting a lot better,” said Lau. ” It’s going to be a point where you really want to think before you do anything illegal.”

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