Friday, September 19, 2014

Congressman Dan Lipinski Takes Action on Student Air Traffic Controllers Issue

The College Training Initiative was a group working in conjunction with the Air Traffic Advisory Committee to hire prospective college students as air traffic controllers; but a change in the hiring practice left many qualified college graduates disqualified as a possible candidate seemingly without reason. Congressman Dan Lipinski found this recent development troubling.

Lipinski says the FAA had inserted an 'exam' that included 'very odd questions' to determine who they would hire.

The Congressman said that, for example, air traffic students at Lewis University suddenly found that their college training did not matter when they went out searching for jobs.

Congressman Lipinski decided, with some help from Congressman Randy Hultgren, to introduce a bill to change this hiring practice. 

Students having gone through a program at Lewis, or Veterans with air traffic control experience, would get first chance at these type of jobs.

The Congressman also said that the FAA has yet to officially state why the change in hiring practices was made, and restated that the old policy was working so no change was need.

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