Sunday, September 28, 2014

Airport funding to bring new jobs to Stuttgart, Prairie County, Arkansas

The Stuttgart Municipal Airport is situated on a 2,560-acre site in southeastern Paririe County. Located in adjoining Arkansas County, the City of Stuttgart owns and operates the airport. 

STUTTGART —   The Stuttgart Municipal Airport has received over $1 million in additional funds over the previous week. The Economic Development Administration (EDA) and Stuttgart City Council both approved and announced money that will be funneled into Stuttgart’s airport for additional jobs and needed improvements for CAVU Aerospace.

CAVU Aerospace, which leases space from the Stuttgart Municipal Airport, takes in large aircraft and rehabilitates parts and equipment. 

The City of Stuttgart will receive $1 million from the EDA to construct a hanger, roadway and parking lot at the airport. 

“The airport additions will support the expansion of existing companies while enhancing opportunities for future regional growth and job creation. This project is projected to save 20 jobs, create 20 new jobs and leverage $400,000 in private investment,” the EDA said in its press release.

Stuttgart was one of seven Arkansas cities to receive money through the EDA.

“This will bring more jobs,” Stuttgart Mayor Marianne Maynard said.

Maynard announced the new money during Tuesday’s Stuttgart City Council meeting after the council approved another $344,000 in grant funds for airport improvements.

The approved resolution reads, “the FAA grant shall consist of approximately $377,932 payable from funds of the U.S. government and approximately $41,993 payable from funds of the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics.”

The scheduled work is for larger airplanes to land and maneuver at the Stuttgart airport.

It was listed as "Taxiway A South widening and runway 9-27 edge light rehabilitation."

"So we can turn anything off the runway," Stuttgart Municipal Airport Manager Carl Humphrey explained. "Mostly CAVU or any military aircraft.”

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