Sunday, September 28, 2014

Air traffic controller nearly works himself to death

A man in his 20s is said to have lost two litres of blood in four days because he had to work long hours, reported China Press.

A check at a hospital in Xiamen, China, revealed that the man, who is an air traffic controller known as Xiao Lai, was suffering from peptic ulcer which led to him vomiting blood.

For days, he had to work overtime and his meals were irregular. There were times when he had to skip meals completely.

Xiao Lai felt unwell and started vomiting blood on Sept 19.

However, he only sought outpatient treatment at the airport clinic since he was too busy.

His condition worsened four days later and he could not even walk up the stairs.

Colleagues rushed Xiao Lai to hospital, where it was found that he had suffered excessive blood loss of two litres, which is half the amount of blood needed in a human body. 

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