Friday, August 15, 2014

Plane shot at in Missouri: Sheriff’s office is asking anyone with information to call 660-646-0515 or 660-646-2121

Police seek information 

Chillicothe Municipal Airport (KCHT), Missouri 

CHILLICOTHE, Mo. — In Chillicothe, Mo., about 95 miles northeast of Kansas City, authorities have spent the last two days looking for a gunman who shot at a small, private airplane with a shotgun. 

“It is pretty unbelievable and scary to think someone did that. To actually shoot at a plane that’s in the air of course could do a lot of damage or even possibly bring it down,” says Chief Deputy Michael Claypole with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say the local pilot was not hit. His damaged airplane is still sitting inside a hangar at the Chillicothe airport.

“We just need a lot of leads right now to know what direction to go in,” Chief Deputy Claypole said.

Authorities say around 6:30 Wednesday evening the pilot, whose name they aren’t releasing, was practicing takeoffs and landings at the small, rural airport when someone fired at his aircraft.

The pilot didn’t actually discover the damage until the next day.

Investigators believe the pilot was fairly close to the ground when his plane was shot. They also believe the gunman was in close proximity to the Chillicothe Municipal Airport’s runway.

“Somebody actually shooting at a plane that’s in the air, it could again bring it down, not only causing death to the pilot, but anybody else that would’ve been in the area as well. Yes, he’s one lucky pilot given the fact he wasn’t hurt in any way, ”  Claypole said.

Livingston County authorities have notified the Federal Aviation Administration about the shooting incident.

The Sheriff’s office is asking anyone with information to call 660-646-0515 or 660-646-2121.

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