Thursday, July 03, 2014

Hidden amid the foliage and scrap metal, abandoned fleet of WWII fighter planes lie rotting in the backwoods of Ohio

With their livery almost obscured by rust and moss these abandoned metal skeletons are all that remains from a fleet of World War Two fighter planes.

The aircraft lie rotting at an abandoned graveyard in Ohio, America, amongst overgrown foliage and scrap metal.

They were lovingly collected by scrapyard worker Walter Soplata in his back garden in Newbury, Ohio, from the late 1940s, after he launched a one-man mission to save them from being dismantled and discarded.

He began to buy up the former war planes in a bid to give them a more fitting final resting place.

After Mr Soplata's death in 2010 the aviation graveyard was kept a secret by relatives fearing scrappers.

The haunting images were captured by 24-year-old photographer, Jonny Joo, who has made a name for himself by venturing into long-abandoned places.

Mr Joo, from Ohio, said: 'I was driving around looking for derelict buildings to photograph and I stumbled across a big open space on the map so I decided to check it out.

'There ended up being someone at the property and he gave me a bit of history and let me take photographs.'

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