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Dynamic Airways still to operate out of John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)

Dynamic Airways will continue to operate outside of John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport since it is still to meet certain requirements that will allow them to fly in and out of the New York port. The American-based charter company is hoping that by next Monday all issues would be resolved when it provides outstanding documentation to JFK authorities; hires a new ground handling team and identifies a terminal to operate out of.  Head of Roraima Airways, Captain Gerry Gouveia reiterated during a press conference yesterday that US airport authorities denied operations at JFK when the initial ground handling crew placed untagged bags on the aircraft.

Gouveia assumed blame for the problems that arose as a result of the ground crew since he said that he recommended the ground handling team to Dynamic Airways because it is headed by a Guyanese-national.

Outside of that, a letter addressed to Dynamic’s Business Development Vice President Thomas Johnson from JFK’s Environmental Specialist Aeronautical and Technical Services Division showed that while the airline acquired environmental clearance they were still to fulfill other requirements.

The letter which speaks to aircraft noise, operational restrictions and weight is dated July 2, and is a response to the airline’s request of June 25 for the operation of a Boeing 767-200 at JFK. This suggests that the company had not cleared matters with JFK before it started operations out of New York to Guyana on June 26.

The letter had stated further that the airline had to finalize business and emergency plans with JFK’s Commercial Development Unit and Aeronautical Services Unit.  It included appropriate operating agreements, submission of required security deposits, emergency plans among other things.

Gouveia admitted to media personnel that in hindsight, given all that has taken place, it would have been prudent for the airline to have waited until everything was finalized.

“In terms of (Dynamic’s) start up, the haste with which it was done could have been delayed, and would have overcome these issues…and I will be the first to admit that. Unfortunately, I basically handled the Guyana part of the operation and I trusted Dynamic’s people to do their part.”

Gouveia added, however, that Dynamic and Roraima are in it together and they are working to resolve all issues.

Currently, Dynamic Airways’ passengers are being flown to alternate airports and are shuttled to JKF via buses. Gouveia stated that tickets are being sold with JFK as the final destination, but passengers are being informed before hand, that they will not be landing there. He said that the point of taking passengers to alternate airports is to ensure that they are not stranded as a result of what is taking place at the New York port.

Last Sunday, passengers were shuttled from JFK to Atlantic City International Airport before being flown to Guyana. They are also using the Bradley International Airport in Connecticut. On Tuesday, passengers arrived there and were then shuttled to JFK.

At the level of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Zulphicar Mohamed told the publication that they are aware of the issues the company is facing in New York. Dynamic had acquired permission to operate locally, a day before it entered the Guyanese market.

Mohamed said that the airline problem is with JFK where certain requirements have to be fulfilled by the airline to operate there. He continued that since Dynamic is an American carrier the local Authority had to merely verify that clearance was given from the US Department of Transport (DOT) among other oversight agencies.
The Authority also had to ensure that the airline made its security deposit, while safety and security checks had to be made locally.

The airline has authorization to operate out of any airport in the US, but will submit a schedule to the DOT to operate on specific routes such, for example Georgetown/ New York route. While the airline has the permission from both sides to operate, Mohamed reiterated that the difficulties come at the level of the airport. It is for that reason, he mentioned that flights were entering and exiting at other airports.

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