Monday, June 30, 2014

Fight over view at air show leads to arrest: Vectren Dayton Air Show


A Vectren Dayton Air Show spectator hoping for a better view of the action in the sky, led to a fight and an arrest on a likely charge of assault.

According to a Dayton police incident report, a 53-year-old man was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor assault involving 21-year-old Cole Johnson in the chalet area of the show at Dayton International Airport.

According to the report, Johnson walked by the man to obtain a better view of air show activity when he accidentally brushed against the man who was later arrested.

Johnson told police the man grabbed him by the throat and slammed him to the ground. Another man in the chalet was able to get the man off Johnson.

Dayton police placed the man in handcuffs and arrested him.

A check of court records Monday shows no formal case filed yet. The suspect is not listed as being in the Montgomery County Jail.

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