Wednesday, May 07, 2014

♥♡ Amore ♥♡

A Love ♥♡ Letter to Dallas Love Field Airport (KDAL), Dallas 


Sealed with a kiss: Richard Branson writes Love letter to woo airport 

Sir Richard Branson really wants to feel the love at Dallas Love Field.

Jazz music and purple mood lighting set the mood as he expresses his true feelings in an open love letter posted on YouTube.

The video is chock full of double entendre and sexual innuendo from the billionaire who founded the Virgin Group and is a minority investor in Virgin America.

It quickly garnered more than 300 page views shortly after being posted on Wednesday.

“From the moment I knew I had a shot at you, you were all I could think of,” Branson says in his proper British accent. “No one should have a monopoly on your love.”

It’s a fun way for Branson to promote Virgin America’s campaign for the two available gates at Dallas Love Field. The monopoly refers to Dallas-based Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV), which already occupies 16 of the 20 gates at Love Field. Both airlines are going after the gates.

When I met with Branson Thursday, he said he wants the two gates, or 10 percent of the Love. Virgin America started selling tickets for the flights after securing a sublease from American Airlines and reaching agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The video shows Branson hand writing the love letter wearing a white button-up shirt, the top few buttons undone, and a black sport coat.

“My virile, young planes are yearning for your runways,” says Branson as he strokes a model of an Airbus A320 on his obsidian-colored desk. “It’s time to let our love take flight, no matter how hard they try to keep us apart.”

He seals it with a kiss, saying, “Your sweetheart, Richard.”

The Dallas City Council provided City Manager A.C. Gonzalez with direction in a lengthy closed session Wednesday morning.

Gonzalez says he expects to make a final decision by the end of the week.

 The mighty Pilatus PC-12: “Glorious, rugged, yet comfortable bird …. I Love ♥♡ her so much!”