Monday, April 14, 2014

David Cullinan: Elated to see voters support Eastern Slopes Regional Airport (KIZG) funding request


Published Date: Monday, 14 April 2014 07:13

To the editor:

I am elated to see that the voters of Conway are in the majority on the 2014 funding request for the Eastern Slope Regional Airport! "Runway to the White Mountains." As a Class II airport and with the addition of jet fueling capabilities (2013) and a new approach procedure currently in flight check status with the FAA (June 2014) which will lower the minimum's and enable aircraft to land in times of adverse weather, this regions airport infrastructure is moving forward a good, steady yet modest pace. With the addition of a new terminal facility (2015-2016) to accommodate increasing traffic in the business and tourism sectors of the airport purpose which is benefiting the public and local economy, we will continue to maintain a safe and viable facility for the public to utilize and enjoy.

David Cullinan, Airport Manager
Eastern Slope Regional Airport
Fryeburg, Maine
KIZG     Eastern Slopes Regional Airport
Fryeburg, Maine