Sunday, April 20, 2014

Concord Municipal Airport (KCON), New Hampshire

A pilot suffered minor injuries when he crashed an ultralight plane on the runway at Concord Municipal Airport yesterday. 

The Concord Fire Department responded to the crash at the public-use airport about noon, Battalion Chief Rick Whitney said.

“The pilot of the ultralight aircraft was making an approach when he was impacted by a crosswind, flipping him upside down,” Whitney said.

The crash caused serious damage to the small aircraft, Whitney said, but the pilot, who was not identified, was able to get out of the plane.

“He was out, awaiting our arrival when we got there,” Whitney said.

The pilot had some minor injuries but refused transport to Concord Hospital.

No one from the airport was available for comment. In a March article in the Monitor, General Manager David Rolla estimated the airport averages about 100 total takeoffs and landings per day. Most of the planes that fly in and out of Concord are privately owned and used for recreation.

Both the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration were notified of the crash, Whitney said. According to its online database, the NTSB has only investigated four incidents at the Concord airport in the last decade, with only one resulting in a serious injury.

The fire department does on occasion respond to “in-flight” emergencies, like a rough-running engine or suspicious odor from the plane, Whitney said.

“Actual crashes of aircraft at (Concord Municipal Airport) are rare,” Whitney said.

Plane flips on runway in Concord: Pilot escapes with minor injuries 

CONCORD, N.H. —The pilot of an Ultralight aircraft escaped with minor injuries after the plane flipped at the end of a runway at Concord Municipal Airport Sunday afternoon, officials said.

Conditions for flying appeared perfect with sun and just a few clouds.

"He made an approach from the southerly section of the airport and was caught by a short crosswind, which flipped him upside down and trapped him in that position for a short period of time until he was able to self-extricate. There was considerable damage to the unit. There was a minor fuel leak," said Concord Battalion Chief Rick Witney.

The pilot was able to get himself out of the wrecked plane before emergency vehicles arrived. He refused to be taken to a hospital.

Ultralight aircraft are designed to carry a pilot and one passenger. Officials said the pilot had been flying solo without incident.