Monday, February 17, 2014

DuPage Airport (KDPA), Chicago/West Chicago, Illinois

None Hurt As Small Plane Slides Off Runway At Dupage County Airport

(CBS) – No one was injured when a small business jet carrying seven people slid off the runway at DuPage County Airport Monday afternoon.

“It was terrible conditions, he just ventured off the runway,” according to West Chicago Deputy Fire Chief Dennis A. Keefe.

Chief Keefe said the jet was essentially taking off in white out conditions when it slid off the runway.

He said the airport’s Rosenbauer 4×4 Aircraft fire and rescue vehicle was immediately sent to the aircraft but there was no fire.

The FAA identified the craft as a Falcon 20 which was heading from DuPage to Baltimore, when it slid off the runway on takeoff.

Keefe said there were no injuries to the two crew and five passengers aboard and he said while the plane needed to be towed back onto the runway, there was no damage reported. 

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