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Plane’s propeller damaged after Stephenville airport landing

Provincial Airlines Saab 340,C-FPAI
The Provincial Airlines Saab 340 that had a propeller damaged shortly after landing at Stephenville airport on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014 is seen in front of a hangar at the airport on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014.

STEPHENVILLE — The Provincial Airlines Saab 340 that had an incident shortly after landing at Stephenville Airport at 7:35 a.m. on Wednesday sustained damage to one of its propellers.

Stephen Dinn, vice-president of corporate development at Provincial Airlines, said the aircraft made a safe landing and was fully on the ground before encountering whiteout conditions.

Dinn said the damage occurred during the roll off from the landing when the plane veered from the centre of the runway and the propeller hit hard-packed snow on the side of the runway.

There were no injuries to anyone on the plane as a result of the incident.

Dinn stressed that the plane never left the runway and once stopped, the pilot and crew went back to the cabin area and explained what had happened to the six passengers on board.

On Thursday, the airline administration was still awaiting a full review of the aircraft after company personnel were sent to Stephenville shortly after the incident took place.

He said the crew of the airplane assisted the passengers into a van and they were met inside the airport by staff where they were rebooked on another flight.

On Thursday, Dinn said he wasn’t sure of the extent of the damage to the plane, but did say the aircraft would be getting a thorough inspection and repairs before going back into service.

He said the airline and the airport are each doing a review of the incident and will be sending reports to the proper authorities when they are completed.

A Stephenville airport loader is seen preparing to unhook a Provincial Airlines plane it had just towed to the front of a hangar on Wednesday evening due to an incident earlier in the day.
 © Star photo by Frank Gale 

Plane stops in drifting snow at Stephenville airport  

No reports of injuries: Provincial Airlines

A Provincial Airlines flight had trouble with drifting snow after it landed at Stephenville International Airport Wednesday morning.

After Provincial Airlines flight 913 from St. John's landed at approximately 7:30 a.m., landing gear on the Saab 340 plane got caught up in drifting snow. The plane did come to a stop on the runway, but as Provincial Airlines vice-president of corporate development Stephen Dinn explained, the full width of the runway was not cleared at the time of the incident.

“There was some slight drifting on the runway, which got in the left side gear, and that just caused the aircraft to keep drifting further in that direction, so it became lodged in the snow,” said Dinn.

According to Dinn, the plane was slowing down when it encountered the drifting snow. Windy weather conditions were reported at the time of the plane's arrival in Stephenville.

“From an aviation perspective, we obviously checked the weather in St. John's and Stephenville before we departed, and clearly the weather was within our aviation standards,” said Dinn.

An airport vehicle transported the six passengers and the plane's crew back to the terminal. Dinn said there were no reports of injuries.

“The crew on the aircraft asked them all how everything was. They were all fine at the time.”

The plane was moved to a hangar Wednesday afternoon. Dinn said maintenance staff are now inspecting the aircraft.


STEPHENVILLE -  Shortly after landing at Stephenville airport Wednesday morning, the wheels of a Provincial Airlines Saab 340 got stuck in snow while taxiing down the runway. 
Brenda Martin, airport manager, said the plane landed safely in good runway conditions but veered into a blanket of snow during whiteout conditions at around 7:35 a.m. Martin said the plane did not leave the runway.

All six passengers and the crew of three were safely transported to the Stephenville airport terminal by an airport service van.

Martin explained that anytime there is an incident, the airport has to follow Transport Canada protocols, so the plane was left at the location until a preliminary investigation was carried out.

The plane was towed to a hangar at the airport property later in the day using a loader owned by the airport.

Martin said the airport’s safety operations procedures were activated and an investigation would be carried out by the Canadian Transportation Safety Board. The plane is expected to undergo an inspection before going back into service.

Provincial Airlines will resume regularly scheduled flights this morning.

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