Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mandalay-Based Two Cessna Planes Will Serve As Charter Flights

A couple of  Cessna planes (Grand Caravan) made in USA will reach Myanmar on 28 October 2013 and both will be based on Mandalay for flight, said U Khin Nyein, Deputy General Manager of Myanmar Airways.

The two planes will be placed in the former Chanmyathazi airport of Mandalay Region and the flights will launch as soon as permission has been given by Department of Aviation. 

“We’ve sent pilots and engineers to Wichita in Kansas State of the US to attend the training course there so that they can operate both planes,” U Khin Maung Nyein said adding that a couple of planes will serve as both charter flight and sightseeing tour.

“Both flights have a capacity of 14 seats each, but we carry only 12 passengers. If we want to carry more loads, we will need to reduce the number of passengers. A plane can carry 8,750 lb the most,” said an official of Myanmar Airways.

This kind of plane is known to be used for taking sick or injured people, aerial photography, project and rescue.

“It is good to hire them as both charter flight and sightseeing tour. This sort of light plane is a private flight. Sometimes, some families visit Myanmar in such flights,” said an air controller of Yangon International Airport.

It is reported that the two planes equipped with high-tech electronics manufactured by Cessna Company in USA and their engines, PT6A-114A Pratt & Whitney were made in Canada.

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